Divine Crown Featured on ABC 27

Divine Crown Featured on ABC 27

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A recap of the article is posted below:

HARRISBURG, Pa. (WHTM) – A skin-crawling story has surfaced about a 12-year-old Oregon girl who developed sores on her legs after getting a pedicure.

ABC27’s Christine McClarty is looking into health regulations that Pennsylvania nail salons would have to follow so the same thing doesn’t happen to you or a loved one.

Christine spoke with the Pennsylvania State Board of Cosmetology which oversees licensing and proper procedures that salons must follow.

She also spoke with Harrisburg’s Devine Crown Academy of Cosmetology, which who proper pedicure procedures are of utmost importance. The cosmetology academy says there is a major difference between sterilization and sanitation and if the proper procedures aren’t followed, it can result in amputation or death.